Fuzz Face Effects Circuit Diagram

fuzz face circuit diagram

Fuzz Face guitar effect pedal schematic diagram

The original schematic isn’t exaclty what is shown above, it had a pretty complicated switching system that has been simplified (certainly nothing has been missing don”t get worried) and a different grounding setup. Aside from that, the schematic is precise with small variations in components on several units (eg. some component had the 0.1uf capacitor listed as .047uf, which shouldn”t cause a difference as long as you feed a high impedance amplifier). The transistors are difficult to get, the thing to try to find is germanium transistors which has decent gain factor (gain > 80).

This schematic diagram come from circuit: Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face.
Go to that page to read the explanation about above circuit design.

In the electrical sector, a schematic diagram is usually used to describe the design or model of equipment. Schematic diagrams are usually utilized for the maintenance and repair of electronic and electromechanical devices / units. Original schematics were made by hand, using standardized templates or pre-printed adhesive symbols, but nowadays Electrical CAD computer software is often used.

In electronic design automation, until the 1980s schematics were virtually the only formal representation for circuits. More lately, using the progress of computer system technology, other representations were introduced and specialized computer languages were developed, because with the explosive development of the complexity of electronic circuits, classic schematics are getting less practical. As an example, hardware description languages are indispensable for contemporary digital circuit design.

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