LPG Gas Leakage Sensor Alarm Project Report

LPG Gas Leakage Sensor Alarm Project Report

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LPG Gas Leakage Sensor Alarm Report

LPG gas is supplied in pressurised steel cylinders. As this gas is heavier than air, when it leaks from a cylinder it flows along floor and tends to settle in low spots such as a basement. This can cause fire or suffocation if not dealt with.

Zener diode ZD1 is used to convert 9V into 5V DC to drive the gas sensor module.
The SEN-1327 gas sensor module from RhydoLABZ is used in this circuit. Its output goes high when the gas level reaches or exceeds certain point. A preset in the module is used to set the threshold. Interfacing with the sensor module is done through a 4-pin SIP header.

Whenever there is LPG concentration of 1000 ppm (parts per million) in the area, the OUT pin of the sensor module goes high. This signal drives timer IC 555, which is wired as an astable multivibrator. The multivibrator basically works as a tone generator.


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