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140W Power Amplifier

The following is a circuit of a power amplifier 140W. This Circuit using 741 IC-based circuit opAmp as strengthening early before the final strengthening by four transistors thereafter. Make sure you use a heatsink on the transistors to reduce excess heat in the transistors. Power supply used is the type of dual polarity power supply… Read More »

2 x 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier based TA7227 + Tone Control

The following circuit is a 5W stereo audio amplifier, built based on single amplifier IC TA7227. The TA7227 can be used for dual mode (stereo amp) and single mode (bridge connection/mono amp). This IC type featured some circuit protection: thermal protection, over voltage protection, current limitter and BTL DC short connection. The tone control circuit… Read More »

300W OCL Power Amplifier

This 300W OCL power amplifier -i’m sorry for the blur diagram, but it should be readable- use 4 pairs of 2N3055 dan MJ3055 transistor as the main power components. This is good circuit, i’ve built this OCL (ouput capacitor-less) power amplifier circuit for my school project, and of course i use it for my home… Read More »

7W Audio Amplifier based TBA810

Here’s a circuit of 7W audio amplifier that is very simple and very easy to build. This amplifier is built using TBA810 as the main component with the support of a few passive components. This circuit can work well, kits and components of this circuit can be found easily at an electronics store in your… Read More »

4W Audio Amplifier based TDA1013B

The following diagram is the circuit diagram of simple 4W audio amplifier based TDA1013B. The amplifier is based on integrated audio amplifier chip, TDA1013B which is able to gained the audio power output up to 4W at 8 ohm loads. Wide supply voltage range can be used for this circuit from 10VDC to 40VDC. Recommended… Read More »

20W Bridge Amplifier using TDA7240A

This is a simple 20W bridge amplifier based on TDA7240A. This circuit is designed for car audio system, but you may use this circuit for your small home audio application… 🙂 . Schematic Diagram: This circuit operated with 18VDC asymmetrical power supply (positive (+) and ground only). Mount the power IC on a heatsink to… Read More »

2 x 70W Power Stereo Amplifier based on IC STA550

Here’s the circuit diagram of a 70W stereo power amplifier which built using single power IC STA550. The circuit is simple and require little additional electronic components to support the work of IC STA550. This power stereo amplifier works with dual polarity / symmetrical power supply. Since based to the datasheet, the negative supply range… Read More »

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