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Dynamic Microphone Amplifier

Here is the dynamic microphone amplifier circuit diagram. This circuit should be perfect for dynamic microphone… Dynamic microphones are versatile and ideal for general-purpose use. They use a simple design with few moving parts. They are relatively sturdy and resilient to rough handling. They are also better suited to handling high volume levels, such as… Read More »

Pre-Amp + Tone Control with TDA1524A

This is a low noise and distortion pre-amplifier and tone control circuit in one module. Using a special IC TDA1524A, this simple circuit is easy to build and will drive most of power amplifier. Schematic diagram:

Low Noise Portable Mic Preamp

This is the circuit diagram of portable mic preamp. This circuit consumes low current supply (about 2mA), so will have a long battery life for supplying the circuit. Harmonic distortion is about 0.1% @ 1V RMS output for all frequencies. Maximum input voltage (level control cursor set at maximum) = 25mV RMS. Maximum input voltage… Read More »

Low Impedance Microphone Amplifier

This is the circuit diagram of low impedance microphone amplifier. The circuit designed for use with low impedance (~200 ohm) microphones. It will work with regulated voltages between 6-30VDC. If you don’t build the impedance adapter part with T1, you get a microphone amplifier circuit for higher impedance microphones. In this case, you should directly… Read More »

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