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Stereo Digital Volume Control

Here is the circuit diagram of stereo digital volume control. This circuit could possibly be applied for upgrading your manual volume management within a stereo amplifier circuit. In this particular circuit, push-to-on switch S1 controls the forward (volume enhance) operation of the two channels while a identical switch S2 controls reverse (volume reduce) operation of… Read More »

Tone Booster

Below circuit is the tone booster circuit. According to the name of circuit, the purpose is to amplify the sound signal to become more powerful in both low and high frequencies. There is no potensiometer used for bass/treble adjustment. Transistor type: Q1 – ztx384 ; Q2 – BC415p The circuit’s peaks frequencies is at 5000… Read More »

ACTOR : Active Tone Control

The following diagram is the schematic diagram of Active Tone Control circuit, or we often call this circuit as “ACTOR”. The circuit is quite simple, easy build and inexpensive, you can build this circuit with minimum / low cost. Active Tone Control or ACTOR is an active electronic audio circuit that serves to increase the… Read More »

12V Stereo Tone Control

The following diagram is the circuit diagram of low cost 12V stereo tone control which also available in kit, you may find the kit at electronic part store around your place. The circuit build based on ordinary tone control circuit, using two low cost transistors FCS9014 in each channel, so there are will be four… Read More »

Basic Tone Control

This is a very basic circuit diagram of 3 band tone control. This basic tone control circuit was originally intended for home audio use, but should be able to be hacked into an effect circuit with very minor modification. Resistance value of resistor R1 is left up to the user depending on gain needs, R2… Read More »

Hi-Fi Tone Control

This is a inexpensive high fidelity (hi-fi) tone control circuit designed just with two low cost transistors as the active components. The schematic is one channel (mono) tone control, build the similar circuit will make it become stereo channel. This Hi-Fi tone control circuit can be operated with wide range supply voltage, 12V – 24V… Read More »

Stereo Tone Control with LM1036

This is a stereo audio tone control circuit which build based on IC LM1036. This circuit will controll bass/treble level tone, volume and balance between right channel and left channel (input 1 and 2 ). You may use this circuit for stereo applications such as car radio, TV and audio systems, mp3 player, dvd player,… Read More »

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