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LED Flasher Circuit Electronic

This is a very easy and simple LED flasher with only three components: a flasher IC LM3909, a LED indicator and an electrolytic capacitor. The supply voltage is 1.5V, so it can be operated using a 1.5V battery which can be easily found on market. Component list: LED1 _________ Red Read more…

LED Color Fade Effect Circuit Electronic

This is the circuit of LED color fade effect. Just like the name of the circuit, the light intensity of LEDs in this circuit will fade from high intensity to low intensity and then off. Here the final result preview:

Running LEDs Circuit Electronic

This is running LEDs circuit which use timer ID NE555N and logic IC 4017N. IC 555 act as a multivibrator and generate frequency to be used for 4017 clock input.

sound generator circuit electronic

This is a sound generator based on general purpose timer IC 555. A flip-flop circuit is included, so this circuit will give sound output and blinking LED. There are 2 modules in this circuit that are flip-flop / LED flasher module and sound generator circuit modules which combined in one Read more…

10 Dancing LEDs Circuit Electronic

This is the circuit diagram of dancing LEDs which consists of 10 units LEDs. The 10 dancing LEDs circuit works like a audio level meter. The LEDs will be dance sequence with the sound level that entering the microphone. Components list: R1_____________10K 1/4W Resistor R2,R3__________47K 1/4W Resistors R4______________1K 1/4W Resistor Read more…

Analog flip-flop circuit Electronic

Here the analog flip-flop circuit which built based on 2 transistors work as switch. This is very easy made and very cheap circuit. You can use this circuit as “the first project” for your students… 🙂 and the result should be like this:

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