65W Power Amplifier using HEXFET

This is a high quality 65W power amplifier circuit based HEXFET IRF9540 and IRF540. The circuit is quite simple for amplifier with good sound quality. The component parts is easy to find at electronic store around your place. It uses split power supply. Q8, Q10, Q11, Q12, Q13 should be mounted on heatsink for thermic… Read More »

4W Bridge Amplifier using LM388

Parts List: R1-2-4-5=270? R3 = 2.7? VR1 = 10K? Log. Pot. TR1 = 470K? Trimmer IC1-2 = LM388 C1 = 100uF/25V C2 = 100nF C3 = 10uF/25V C4-5 = 22uF/25V C6 = 47nF

Hi-Fi Compressor with Pre-emphasis

Here is the Hi-Fi compressor circuit with pre-emphasis. The above diagram is a circuit for a high fidelity compressor which uses an external op-amp and has a high gain and wide bandwidth. An input compensation network is required for stability.

Thermocouple Amplifier using CA3193

Above circuit design is thermocouple amplifier circuit using CA3193 operating amplifier. The CA3193 is an excellent choice for use with thermocouples.  In the circuit, the CA3193 amplifies the generated signal 500 times. The three 22M? resistors will provide full-scale output if the thermocouple opens.

1W Stereo Headphone Amplifier based TDA2822

Above circuit diagram is the schematic of 1W stereo headphone amplifier. The circuit is built based TDA2822, designed for use in portable players, radios and other common electronic devices which can use headphone for the audio output.

Western Music Generator based IC HT82207

This is the schematic diagram of Western music generator circuit based on single IC HT82207. This circuit is able to take you towards the world of the Wild West. The western music already programmed in the chip. It utilizes the integrated 18-pin HT82207 (IC1) of Holtek, which literally takes care of almost everything.

Electronic Door Lock Security Key

This is the circuit diagram electronic door lock security key system. It means that this security system circuit is the combination of pressed key itself (not the mechanical). The output can be connected to drive the relay to open the door (usually using motor).

Tube Sound Fuzz Mods

This tube sound fuzz mods circuit is taken from the book of Electronic Projects for Musicians by Craig Andertons. This circuit applies a CD4049 Hex inverter, which consists of six inverting units. Only two are being used in this circuit, so the others are disabled by connecting their inputs to the positive voltage source and… Read More »

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