Current Output Multiplier for 78xx Regulator

This is the circuit diagram of current output multiplier designed for regulator IC LM78xx. By default, the regulator ID 78xx series will give maximum current output 1A – 1.5A. To increase the current output of this regulator, you may consider to build this circuit. The circuit is simple, easy built and inexpensive. Parts list: R1,… Read More »

M66T Melody Generator

This is the very simple way to play a song with single 1.5 battery. You can build this circuit for gift acceccories. When the gift opened, then a song will be played.. It’s easy and cheap right..? 😀 . It just use a single small chip which will generate a song which already planted inside… Read More »

Basic Dual Polarity Power Supply

This is a very basic dual polarity power supply circuit diagram, it also called symmetrical power supply or split power supply. Basically, it just need the following components: A Center Tapped Transformer Diode rectifier 4 units (or diode bridge 1 unit) Electrolityc capacitor 4 units

4 Watts FM Transmitter

The following diagram is the FM transmitter circuit with FM transmision up to 4W. Voltage supply for this circuit is 12-16V with current consumption of 100-400mA. This circuit works with frequency of emission range of 88-108MHz. Transistor 2N2219 used as the main signal amplifier. 4 Watts FM Transmitter circuit design: Components List: R1, R2 =… Read More »

400W Power Amplifier “Safari”

This 400W power amplifier circuit often called as “safari” amplifier. The below circuit design is for single channel only, build two identical circuit for dual/stereo channels. The 400W power amplifier designed using two couples of power transistors that are TIP31 with TIP32 and 2N3055 with MJ2955. These types transistor are well known and widely used… Read More »

5V/10A 50W Offline Switching Power Supply

The following diagram is the 50W offline switching power supply circuit design. The circuit powered by a MOSFET. BUZ80A/IXTP4N8 for 220V AC voltage input and GE IRF823 for 110V AC input voltage. The output will be 5VDC with electric current up to 10A. The schematic diagram: Components list:

4 Transistors FM Transmitter

The following diagram is the schematic diagram of 4 transistors FM transmitter circuit designed by Paul K. Sherby. Components List: R1,R2,R8 = 1K R3 = 100K R4 = 150K R5,R7 = 10K R6 = 220 ohm R9 = 10 ohm P1 = 5K trimpot D1 = 1N4002 Q1,Q2 = 2N3904 Q3,Q4 = 7001, NTE123AP C1… Read More »

Safe Constant Current Source

In the above circuit diagram, a CMOS operational amplifier (op-amp) controls the current via a P-Channel HEXFET power transistor (IRF9520) to maintain a constant voltage across R1. The current is given by: 1 = VREF/R1. The benefits of this configuration are:

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