LEDs Temperature Indicator

A well-known IC LM35 is chosen to be the temperature sensor in this circuit. Output voltage of LM35 will increase by 10mV per degree rise in temperature. Output of LM35 is joined to the non inverting input of the operational amplifier (op-amp) of CA3130. The inverting input of the same op-amp could be provided using the required reference voltage using variable resistor R2.

12V Lead-Acid Battery Monitor

This easy circuit makes it possible to monitor the charging process to a higher level. Final adjustsments are simple and easy and the only device required is a digital voltmeter for the important accuracy and reliability. Connect an input voltage of 12.65 volt between the positive and negative poles and adjust the 10K trimmer potentiometer until Led 10 lights up.

Automatic 9V Battery Charger

This is the scheme diagram of automatic 9V battery charger circuit, the parts list provided below the schematic image. The circuit was designed by Jan Hamer, translated by Tony Van Roon dan republished in this circuit diagram site. The circuit details are based on european standards: 120E, 150E, etc. The ‘E’ just stands for Ohms… Read More »

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

The following diagram is Mesa Boogie dual rectifier solo head schematic diagram. This is a tubed pre-amp and tubed amplifier designed and manufactured by Mesa Boogie. The following schematic is sample only, download the complete schematic diagram from the links provided in this post. This Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier available to download in PDF document… Read More »

Motion Filter Effect

This motion filter effect circuit will controls the initial frequency and controls how much the envelope follower responds to the input signal. An envelope follower/filter combination translates the typical dynamic properties of your axe into modulated timbral changes too, you could feel of it as an automatic wah-wah pedal. Independent Initial Frequency and Sensitivity knobs… Read More »

Sensitive FM Transmitter

Simple and easy build of sensitive FM transmitter circuit. The circuit only requires 2 transistors to work. *L1 = 0.1 Uh, 6 to 8 turns of 22 ga. hookup wire close wound around a 1/4 inch diameter non-conductive core such as a pencil Circuit Notes: Typically the default for the capacitors model is ceramic, preferably… Read More »

Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face

This is the circuit diagram of Fuzz Face mods, guitar effect pedal. This is a modified diagram and simpler than the original Fuzz Face diagram. You will find apparently two identical designs of the fuzz face. In one Q1 and Q2 had been PNP germanium AC128 or NKT275 types, in the other they had been… Read More »

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