20 Watt Stereo Audio Amplifier using TDA2005

This is the scheme diagram of 20 Watt stereo audio amplifier which use dual IC TDA2005, one IC for left channel and the another one for right channel. Each IC will give you 20 watt output, so the output will be 2×20 Watt. The supply voltage for this circuit is 8VDC to 18VDC, use regulated… Read More »

20 Watt Audio Amplifier with LM1875

This is 20 watt audio amplifier circuit design which use IC LM1875 as main component. This circuit is simple and very easy to built. For stereo channel, you need to build the two same circuits which will amplify the both of audio channels (right and left channel). Dual polarity / symmetrical power supply required for… Read More »

Inverter 12V DC to 240V DC

This inverter 12V DC to 240V DC can be used to power electric razors, stroboscopes and flash tubes, and small fluorescent lamps from a 12 volt car battery. In contrast to the usual feedback oscillator type of inverter, the oscillator of this inverter is separate from the output stage, which allows easy adjustment of the… Read More »

Loudspeaker System Crossover Network

Building a crossover for your speaker system is easy. Here the simple passive schematic diagram of audio crossover: Loudspeaker System Crossover Network Notes: Capacitor must be non-polar capacitor types with a voltage rating of 50 volt or more (preferably 100 volt). Capacitor may be paralled to achieve specified values. Inductors should be air core. Do… Read More »

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