Aquarium Temperature Probe

This is the electronic circuit diagram of aquarium temperature probe capable to monitor the temperature of water and indicate the rise in temperature through audio-visual indicators. This circuit uses diode 1N34 as the temperature sensing probe. The resistance of the diode will be vary depends on the temperature in its vicinity.

Ultra Bright LED Emergency Light

This is LED emergency light that will turned on automatically when mains supply fails, and turned off when mains power resumes. This circuit produces highly bright because the use of ultra bright white LEDs. This circuit also has its own battery charger. When the battery is fully charged, the charging process will stop automatically.

Ultrasonic Distance Detector / Sonar Ranging System

This is the ultrasonic distance detector or sonar ranging system which can be used for general purpose. There are kit version available on the market, but of course the price is 3x more expensive than if you build your own sonar ranging system. Some application may use this circuit such as robot applications, body height… Read More »

Laptop / Notebook Protector

This is laptop / notebook protector circuit to protect your laptop or notebook or netbook from being stolen. Fixed in-side the laptop case, it will sound a loud alarm when someone tries to take the laptop. This highly sensitive circuit uses a homemade tilt switch to activate the alarm through tilting of the laptop case.… Read More »

Adjustable Symmetric 1 to 24VDC, 1A Power Supply

This is the circuit diagram of adjustable symmetric 1 to 24VDC, 1A Power Supply. This power supply give dual output positive and negatif output, you can adjust both positif and negative output (+1 to +24VDC and -1 to -24VDC). This kind of power supply also known as dual polarity power supply or splitted power supply… Read More »

Static Circuit Breaker / RFI Eliminator

This is the circuit diagram of Static Circuit Breaker. Many a times you must have heard an undesired sharp sound emanating from the speaker, when any power appliance, like an electric iron, is switched ON of OFF. This problem is known as the Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Some of the musical light, models, which employ… Read More »

Speaker Protection Circuit (Stereo)

This is the speaker protection circuit, provides stereo speaker protection and prevents switch-on clicks and DC components on the output of the amplifier connected.

Digital Tachometer / RPM Meter

This is the circuit diagram of Digital Tachometer / Digital RPM Meter which can be used for cars or motorcycles with 2 and 4 stroke petrol engines with any number of cylinders and contact breaker or electronic ignition systems. May be used as a general purpose revolution counter. Digital Tachometer Mainboard Scheme:

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