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5 Band Graphic Equaliser

This is the diagram of 5 band graphic equaliser circuit. The circuit is based on operational amplifier, the NE5532 or LM833 is the right choice for low cost op-amp chip with fairly good quality output. Each IC contains dual op-amps circuit, so you will need 4 ICs of NE5532 or LM833 to build this 5 […]

4 Band Equalizer

The following diagram is the four band equalizer circuit. Equalizer is generally used to improve the fidelity of sound, to emphasize certain instruments, to remove undesired noises, or to create completely new and different timbres. The equalizer uses four pieces of variable resistor to cut and boost four range of audio frequency, that are:

2×10 Band Stereo Graphic Equaliser

The following diagram is the circuit diagram of 20 band stereo graphic equaliser which will controlling the audio signal in specific frequency range. This circuit must be connected before the amplifier circuit. For maximum performance, you may use high quality electronic component such as metalfilm resistor, MKM capacitor (nonpolar), tantalum capacitor (bipolar). You may replace […]

20 Band Graphic Equalizers

Here the 20 Band graphic equalizer schematic diagram. This is stereo graphic equalizer, it should be 2×10 channel equalizer. Graphic equalizers device are popular with both domestic users and professional users. This equalizer is has simple design and easy to construct. It has no coil. It uses 15V split / dual polarity power supply to […]