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Theremin Music Instrument

The following diagram is the Theremin music instrument effect. A guitar or instrument amplifier is an ideal companion unit for the theremin; either one allows bass or treble boost, as desired, and fuzz (distortion) or reverberation (if these features are incorporated in the amplifier”s circuit). Simply provide a suitable cable plug and connect the theremin”s… Read More »

BOSS Slow Gear SG-1

This is the circuit diagram of BOSS Slow Gear SG-1 effect for electric guitar. The Slow Gear SG-1 effect sounded like a guitar player riding the volume knob of the guitar. This produced a cool swelling sound with a gradual attack, almost like a violin. At $99.50 original retail price, the Slow Gear was a… Read More »

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Effect

The following diagram is the schematic diagram of electric guitar effect: Electro-Harmonix (EH) Big Muff Pi. The EH Big Muff Pi effect circuit would probably be better making the change by a modern input-jack power and a DPDT bypass switch. The types of transistors and diodes are unknown. It is likely that any high gain… Read More »

Dan Amstrong Blue Clipper Fuzz Guitar Effect

Below diagram is the circuit diagram of Dan Amstrong Blue Clipper fuzz, effect for electric guitar: The Blue Clipper is a thick sounding fuzz with gargantuan sustain. The Blue Clipper delivers a nice, thick fuzz like the Muff, but this unit packs a little more bite. The big difference is that the gain level is… Read More »

Axe Grinder Electric Guitar Effect

Here the schematic diagram of Axe Grinder Electric Guitar Effect pedal. You may download the PDF version at the end of the post. The Axe Grinder is designed with a few key fetures in mind, it not only serves a wide range of distortion sounds clipping part of the effect, it also gives the user… Read More »

Harmonic Sweetener Guitar Effect

This is the one of many guitar effect circuits exist in the world. I have not made this circuit and I also do not know what kind of sound effect harmonic sweeteners, but hopefully this harmonic sweetener guitar effect circuit can help you get a nice effect for your electric guitar. A pair of red… Read More »

Angry Beard III Electric Guitar Effect

Here the circuit diagram of Angry Beard III Effect for Electric Guitar. Build your own guitar effect because the guitar effect kits on the market are very expensive. The OP-AMP can be any single low noise op-amp, the original NE5534 used. The 2N44 is likely to be replaced by PNP germanium transistors other without much… Read More »

Dan Armstrong Green Ringer Guitar Effect

This is Dan Armstrong Green Ringer guitar effect for your electric guitar. The guitar effect is sold at high price at the market. Now, you can build your own low cost guitar effect… 🙂 The transistor marked ” * ” has no markings other than three stripes: green, blue and white from top to bottom.… Read More »

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