Power Amplifier 2000 Watt

Power Amplifier 2000 Watt circuit diagram

This is linear power amplifier 2000 Watt which need advance knowledge in electronics since the schematic diagram is very complex for hand made circuit. I think you have to re-design the schematic diagram using circuit diagram software designer such as diptrace, eagle, expresspcb ect. Or just order the PCB online, they will be glad to make the PCB for you.

This kind of power amplifier circuit need high power consumption, so you need to build the power supply carefully. It need dual polarity power supply (+85, 0, -85) and of course with high DC current of about 20A.

Just need to think again if you want to build this kind of power amplifier 2000 Watt. šŸ™‚

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  1. Kumar TM.

    I want above5000watts audio amp circuits.
    I have 12 inch sub woofer thats heavy magnet 0 oms coiled.
    &which ic i can use for drive the high current high o/p load.

  2. hector

    with respect to you sir i have a 1000 w usb/sd fm stereo audio amplifier but it was broken,and for so many reason i would like you to share some of you talent about building the said amplifier with its schematic,components, circuit diagram,pcb layout,step by step making of this unit,its for may car.Hopefully you can help me.a thousand thanks and God be with you…..send me an email if clarification needed.

  3. Mengchiv khmer

    hello sir this is the first time that i ask you could you give me a 2500 or 5000 watts amplifier’s layout with a clear explain because i want to make it by myself and i hope i will get your help soon thank you so much sir bye oh ,, or you can send me at MengchivA@hotmail.com bye

  4. Justin

    please i need a more understandable diagram because this one is more than me

  5. wilson

    pls send me foil pattern of the ampli.2000watts and guidlines on how to do it

  6. masoodalvi

    please send pcb of 2000watts amplifier and 800watts amplifier,
    thanking you

  7. ramir

    This is for SIR FRED. I AM VERY INTERESTED TO MAKE THIS 2000W AMPLIFIER. I DONT HAVE A FOIL PATTERN AND GUIDES. its very helpful for me! CAN I HAVE A COPY OF THE FOIL PATTERN AND GUIDES OF THE 2000W AMPLIFIER! THENK YOU AND GOD BLEES! I’m new graduate in electronics in the Philippines ramir_baful@yahoo.com.ph

  8. hector

    hi sir,

    i have 200watts of aplifier but i whant to convert it into higher watts let`s say 500watt or more than, its posible? . thank you

  9. jedwin

    dear sir i am interested on this matters if you can give me all the details of your 2000 watts or bigger of that i can give you a circuit that is powerfull that i used as of now in my mobile sound system in full details with cross over for the separation of bass treble and vocal for better response for distribution of your sound system (outdoor application)..just e-mail me @ jedwin30@yahoo.com

    my best regards to all

  10. Saikot Ahmed Belal

    Dear Sir, Take my respect. Realy this circuit diagram is very helpful for beginar of Hobbist. I want a normal system 250W Power Audio Amplifier for CD Player. Thank you.

  11. Arnel ubay

    Good day Sir, can u pls send or give me a clear pattern and also a procedure guide step by step to assemble the 2000 watts power amplifier,i am so very interested of that amplifier,thank u this is my e-mail add arnelubay@yahoo.com thank u and more power

  12. ashok

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    YY YY




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  13. Geovannie banate

    Good day sir, can i have a copy of your 1000 and 2000 watts circuit and the details. My father is asking me to search the internet, and since i found this page thank you for sharing with other..thanks..hoping for your kind response.

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