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1.5W Small Audio Amplifier using IC SSM2211

This is 1.5W audio amplifier circuit design based on wide bandwidth, low distortion power IC SSM2211 from Analog Devices. This circuit is simple, inexpensive and easy to built with only contains few components. The SSM22111 is a high performance audio amplifier that delivers 1 W RMS of low distortion audio Read more…

Here the circuit diagram of 50W power amplifier. The amplifier uses a pair of power transistors that are MJ2955 and 2N3055 to amplify the input signal. You must use a heatsink on those transistors. The below design diagram uses for single input/output channel, just built two similar circuit to make Read more…

100W Power Audio Amplifier

Here is the 100W RMS audio amplifier schematic diagram: This circuit is quite simple but will give you high quality audio output. Take a note that above diagram designed for single input and single output (mono system). For stereo system, you need to build two similar circuits.

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