Clap On / Off Switch

Clap On / Off Switch Diagram

Clap On / Off Switch Diagram

This is the circuit diagram of Clap On / Off Switch. The circuit allows you to operate your lighting or any circuit device which use 24V / 3A maximum supply, simply by clapping your hands. It has a relay output that can be used to turn external devices on/off.  This circuit is good and ideal for disabled or elderly people.

Circuit Features:

  • good immunity against surrounding noises
  • ‘1-clap’ or ‘2-clap’-mode selection
  • ‘2-clap’-mode features built-in safety turn-off timer (approx. 5h)
  • output relay ‘pulse’ or ‘toggle’ selection
  • microprocessor-controlled
  • output relay with LED indicator

Circuit Specifications:

  • Supply 12Vdc / 150mA i.e. mains adapter (Order Code 660.446UK)
  • Outputs 1 x SPDT Relays
  • Output Load 3 Amps @ 24V max.


  • This circuit available in kit, you can order the kit at, the circuit copyright belongs to them.
  • To switch 220V AC, you may try to find suitable relay meet your requirement.
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