LH0032 Datasheet Document

LH0032 Datasheet Document

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Create DateSeptember 8, 2015

L0032 Datasheet Document

The LH0032 is a FET input, high slew rate amplifier capable of driving up to 100mA current. With wide bandwidth, high slew rate, high input impedance and high current drive capability, LH0032 is an ideal choice for many applications that includes high speed integrator, video amplifier, summing amplifier, high speed D/A converters, etc.

LH0032 Features:

  • 500V/us Slew Rate
  • 70MHz Bandwidth
  • 1012 Input Impedance
  • As Low as 2mV Max Input Offset Voltage
  • FET Input
  • Offset Null with Single Pot
  • No Compensation for Gains Above 50
  • Peak Output Current to 100mA


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