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2 x 3W Stereo Audio Amplifier with IC BA5406

This is 2 x 3W stereo audio amplifier based on IC power BA5406. This circuit which will give you 3W power in each channel. This circuit will be great for indoor audio system. Components List: R1, R2 = 120 ohm R3, R4 = 2R2 ohm C1, C2, C11, C12 = 220nF nonpolar capacitor C3, C4,… Read More »

1W Stereo Audio Amplifier using LM386N

This is 1W stereo audio amplifier with LM386N. The output power is 1 watt for each channel, so it should be use two ICs of LM386N National Semiconductor for stereo channel. This circuit belongs to and the kit is available there or at This circuit only need 10mA current with best voltage supply… Read More »

1W Audio Amplifier with TDA7052

This is the circuit diagram of 1W audio amplifier which use TDA7052 as the main component and other 5 pieces of components to support the main component. The ideal supply voltage of this circuit is about 6-12V and no heatsink required. The schematic is for mono audio channel, just build two similar circuit for stereo… Read More »

100W Audio Amplifier with Transistor BDW83D/BDW84D

Here is the circuit diagram of 100W audio amplifier which using power transistor BDW83D and BDW84D for the final amplification. It uses dual polarity power supply to work. Copyright belong to Smart Kit. The circuit should be seen like this: This is an exceptionally well designed amplifier, with a lot of power reserve, high fidelity,… Read More »

4W Audio Amplifier using Transistor TIP41

This 4W Audio Amplifier circuit is powered by 2 pieces of transistor TIP41. The circuit is very simple and incorporates darlington output transistors that will provide more than enough output current than is needed to drive a 3-ohm speaker. The 4W audio amplifier circuit is very simple and incorporates darlington output transistors that will provide… Read More »

50 Watt Power Audio Amplifier

Here the circuit diagram of 50W power amplifier. The amplifier uses a pair of power transistors that are MJ2955 and 2N3055 to amplify the input signal. You must use a heatsink on those transistors. The below design diagram uses for single input/output channel, just built two similar circuit to make it dual channel (stereo). Schematic… Read More »

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