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Audio schematic diagram

VOX Treble Booster Effect

The following scheme diagram is the circuit diagram of VOX treble booster effect. A treble booster is an effects unit used by guitarists to boost volume and especially the high end of their tonal spectrum, and was popular mostly during the 1960s. VOX made a variety of boosters that were meant to be plugged directly… Read More »

Surround Sound Decoder

The following schematic diagram is a small surround sound decoder circuit. You may use this decoder surround sound systems for your home audio system to make the audio system sound more “alive”. Parts List: R1-2-7-8-12-13-18-19-20=47Kohm R3-4-5-6-21-22-34-35=10Kohm R9-10-11-14-15-16-17=15Kohm R=23-24-25-33-36=100ohm R26-27-28-31-32=100Kohm R29-30=5.6Kohm C1-8=47uF 25V C2-7-9-14-23=47nF 100V C3-6=1uF 100V C4-5-10=33pF 100V C11-12-15=10uF 25V C13=82nF C16=18pF 100V C17=100pF mini… Read More »

Tube Distortion Pedal

The following circuit is tube distortion pedal for guitar effect. The circuit designed by Ron Black. Circuit Notes: IC1 : 747 dual op-amp, other ICs may be substitued but pinout will different. You should check the datasheet IC2 : LM340K-12V Voltage Regulator All resistors are 1/2 W Bridge Rectifier – Full wave bridge recitifier, 50… Read More »

Theremin Music Instrument

The following diagram is the Theremin music instrument effect. A guitar or instrument amplifier is an ideal companion unit for the theremin; either one allows bass or treble boost, as desired, and fuzz (distortion) or reverberation (if these features are incorporated in the amplifier”s circuit). Simply provide a suitable cable plug and connect the theremin”s… Read More »

Tube Mic Pre-Amp

The following diagram is the circuit diagram of tube mic pre amplifier 12AX7. This circuit is little hard to built. You must have an intermediate or advanced skills to build this circuit. All capacitors with value of 33uF are 16V, while the all others are 50V unless marked otherwise. Resistors marked with “#” are 1%… Read More »

BOSS Slow Gear SG-1

This is the circuit diagram of BOSS Slow Gear SG-1 effect for electric guitar. The Slow Gear SG-1 effect sounded like a guitar player riding the volume knob of the guitar. This produced a cool swelling sound with a gradual attack, almost like a violin. At $99.50 original retail price, the Slow Gear was a… Read More »

ACTOR : Active Tone Control

The following diagram is the schematic diagram of Active Tone Control circuit, or we often call this circuit as “ACTOR”. The circuit is quite simple, easy build and inexpensive, you can build this circuit with minimum / low cost. Active Tone Control or ACTOR is an active electronic audio circuit that serves to increase the… Read More »

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