Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver

This bipolar stepper motor driver circuit will drive a bipolar stepper motor using externally supplied 5V levels for stepping and direction. These usually come from software running in a computer or from a microcontroller unit. The circuit uses IRFZ44 and MTP2955 MOSFET’s.

Galaxy Audio Booster using RC4558

The following is an electronic circuit called galaxy audio booster which serves to improve the performance of your audio system. This circuit uses an IC RC4558 in which there are two op-amp modules that can be used for stereo audio applications. The circuit is similar to stereo tone booster that uses the principle of High… Read More »

Low Cost Electronic Rat Repellent

After we present a circuit of electronic mosquito repellent, this time will be continued with a circuit of electronics that are not less interesting, that is electronic rat repellent circuit. Actually the working principles of electronic mosquito repellent and mice repellent are exactly same, using echolocation disliked by both the animal. As we know, both… Read More »

Sine Wave to Square Wave Converter

This sine wave to square wave converter circuit is expected to provide good square waves changing a sine wave delivered from an existing generator. Its primary feature consists in the fact that no power-source is required: in this manner it can be simply connected between a sine wave generator and the device under test. The… Read More »

PWM DC Motor Controller with MOSFET

This is the simple and low cost pulse width modulation – PWM DC motor controller using a MOSFET. This kind connection for DC motor control is to prevent heat and minimize the power consumption. It controls the motor speed by driving the motor with short pulses. These pulses vary in duration to change the speed… Read More »

Low Cost Mosquito Repellent

Here is the simple and low cost mosquito repellent circuit design. The circuit serves to keep the mosquitoes out of the room or the location where the device is installed. According to certain publications, the frequency emitted by the male mosquitoes is said to be around 20–25 kHz, and so within the realm of ultrasound.… Read More »

6V and 12V Car Battery Charger

This 6V and 12V car battery charger circuit can be automatically charged, quickly and correctly, 6V and 12V batteries. Circuit design is divided into two series of modules that are: power supply module and the main charger module containing the regulator modules and direct current amplifier module.

DIY Electronic Cardlock Security System

Here is the DIY electronic cardlock security system that can be used as a lock to turn on dan turn off important electronic/electrical appliances. When card is inserted, depending upon the position of punched hole on the card, a particular appliance would be switched on. The card should be rectangular in shape with only one… Read More »

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