1.5 Watt FM Transmitter

By | May 14, 2009

This is a simple, well designed 1.5 Watt FM Transmitter circuit using power transistor 2N2219A. This circuit should be able to cover 1-2 KM range. It use +5-30V power supply to work.

1.5 Watt FM Transmitter circuit diagram

Refer to the above diagram, the input source is an electret condenser microphone (you may try to  use other input sources) and signal gain from the input can be adjusted by using the potentiometer P1. You can easily prepare the PCB by using any PCB editor and apply it to the board by using the ironing method. The coils and the antenna can be designed as a part of the PCB made up of the copper area.

Components List:

C1,C2=4.7uF Electrolytic
MIC=Electret Condenser Type

P1 act as condenser microphone volume level. For FM, coil will be small. Use thin gauge enamel magnet wire. the diameter of coil will be a couple mm: use ink tube from pen to form, and try 8-12 turns. Small inductance coils make for much guess work.

Good luck.

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  1. koffi

    i need a radio receiver circuit diagram with built-in amplifier that is 3-9volts

  2. Sanusey

    i am looking for the components of an fm transmitter the materials needed to set up one or circuit diagrams how to build one i am making is for my assignment and also to widen my knowledge in electronics. thanks to anyone who will email me a shakorbantang@yahoo.co.uk

  3. manpreet

    in this ckt carrier is not available…..then how we modulate signal

  4. Adit lessai

    Are there more than 75W tx FM circuits? I need it.

  5. Dave scotland uk

    Thanks for all emails for diagrams i am now selling transmitter and transmitter kits 1.0watt to 50watt Please email me if you with to buy thanks


    please I’ll be happy if you can send me this circuit diagram with the polarities of the capacitors. please Ineed this for my school projects

  7. ogene vincent

    i was given a project topic to build am fm reciever 100w.my problem is i dont know were to start,wat i need and the components needed to build it.plz cam u help me

  8. dave scotland uk

    this is nothing more than a power oscillator running or using this type of design for anything more than testing within the home is very unwise. the circuit does cause very bad harmonics witch causes RFI on the upper and lower bands. i.e transmitting@100mhz causes RFI @200mhz ,300mhz, 400mhz and carries on the same on the lower bands as well.. aslo with this type of circuit the final transistor(2219) gets too hot causeing the transmission freq to drift -/+ 2-3mhz. i have many designs i have made and still use today. if any one would like a diagram. just let me know mail me dee_stew77@yahoo.co.uk

  9. Emmanuel

    Hi emmanuel pls i need 1000w fm transmitter circuit diagram and power amplifier for school assingments. Thinks from emmanuel

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