ATmega16 Line Follower Robot

Here the complete electrical circuit diagram of line follower robot which built based on ATmega16. There are three modules of line follower robot circuit that are sensor module, microcontroller module and DC motor module.

IR sensor schematic diagram:

ir sensor circuit diagram

Mainboard (microcontroller + DC motor driver schematic diagram):

atmega16 circuit diagram

Download the document of ATmega16 line follower robot tutorial for complete tutorial including the working explanation of circuit and program, source code and schematic diagram.

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4 thoughts on “ATmega16 Line Follower Robot

  1. Moh

    Hi, and very thanks for great description but sadly the document link is broken so I couldn’t get it. I’ll be happy if you send it to my mail bcuz I need it very much

  2. Arun Patel

    Nice discreption it helps the students.
    Sir, please tell me the complete circuit diagram of line follower robot with microcontroller

  3. saujevan

    Hi sir,I want to make a line follower robot without microcontroller, so please sir tell me the complete circuit diagram equipment required.

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