Audio/Video Modulator – Valleman Kit

Audio/Video Modulator - Valleman Kit

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Create DateOctober 16, 2016


If it is desired to connect a video signal originating from a camera or other video source to a normal TV set, you will need this modulator. The audio and video signal is converted into a UHF TV signal so that the signal can be received through the TV antenna input. In certain countries (find out from your national telecommunications authority) it is permitted to use this modulator as a mini-transmitter by connecting a small antenna to it. With this facility it is possible to receive the signal from the video recorder or camera elsewhere within your home (range 30m, 98' approx.). The kit comes complete with housing and antenna connector.

Specifications :
Input: audio and video.
Output: UHF channel 21 (450 - 500MHz adjustable).
Power supply: 12 to 15VDC / 100mA.
Dimensions: 70 x 104 x 30mm (2.8" x 4.1" x 1.2").

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