Home Telephone Call Recorder Circuit Project

Home Telephone Call Recorder Circuit Project

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Document of Telephone Call Recorder

Home Telephone Call Recorder Circuit Project

Today telephone has become an integral part of our lives. It is the most widely used communication device in the world. Owing to its immense popularity and widespread use, there arises a need for call recording devices, which find application in call centres, stock broking firms, police, offices, homes, etc.

Here we are describing a call recorder that uses very few components. But in order to understand its working, one must first have the basic knowledge of standard telephone wiring and a stereo plug.

In some countries, landline telephones primarily use RJ11 wiring, which has two wiresâ€"tip and ring. While tip is the positive wire, ring is the negative one. And together they complete the telephone circuit. In a telephone line, voltage between tip and ring is around 48V DC when handset is on the cradle (idle line). In order to ring the phone for an incoming call, a 20Hz AC current of around 90V is superimposed over the DC voltage already present in the idle line


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