Running LEDs

Running LEDs circuit diagram
This is running LEDs circuit which use timer ID NE555N and logic IC 4017N. IC 555 act as a multivibrator and generate frequency to be used for 4017 clock input.

The 4017 is a high speed silicon gate CMOS 5-stage Johnson counter with 10 decoded outputs. Each of the decoded outputs is normally low and sequentially goes high on the low to high transition clock period of the 10 clock period cycle. The CARRY (TC) output transitions low to high after OUTPUT 10 goes from high to low, and can be used in conjunction with the CLOCK ENABLE (CE) to cascade several stages. The CLOCK ENABLE input disables counting when in the high state. A RESET (MR) input is also provided which when taken high sets all the decoded outputs, except “0”, low.

R2 is a linear potensiometer to adjust clock frequency and of course the frequency of the blinking LEDs as well.

Download the 4017N Datasheet:

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Hello, can you be the wiring and materials of this diagram….

I can’t understand the diagram. just give me the wiring thank you.


Hello, I’m a student to do some project for LED with 3 combined IC4017 and need your help how to link circuit with 30 LED running on each LED.


Rick Genelsa

i know how to do this and im willing to teach and sell the whole thing. let me know


how about 100 led in running led circuit diagram? and led is on one by one..?


bos…kalau 100 led running led yang hidupya bergantian satu per satu gimana…? tolong dibantu ya…

HELLO .. anyone Sell there Project Running Light.. actually my budget is only 3K anyone sell it for me then explain all everything… or can you post at my FACEBOOK acc. the required material on that please i need it before end of 2 week of febuary..

My ACC in FB…

what are the following materials to be used..?
whay are the following step by step procedure ?
the schematic diagram?
the final diagram ( actual)

cause im doing my project???


i hve worked on this and it works perfectly. and you dont need another ic s. all u need to do is connect ur led in parallel on a bread board with the aid of jumpers.


now i was wondering if i want a longer row of leds must i add another trip5 or a 4107n


The materials and stuff is on the circuit duhhh…


hi,. i would like to do this project,. i want to know what are the materials needed? thanks.,


i have a running light project too…but mine is just simple…im kinda disappointed to have found out about your site after i finished my project…i could have done better…anyway,where is this applied?


what are the materials for that circuit

becausei’m doing that in my project…


what are the components required for this……..

what are the materials for that circuit

becausei’m doing that in my project…

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